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Many Lawns in Central Oregon have a mixture of grass types. In most cases you will find a blue grass, rye and fescue blend. This is due to the climate extremes we face. A disadvantage to having a fescue blend is that the grass tends to create a thatch layer over time. Thatch is a layer of dead blades of grass laying at the base level of the lawn. Thatch is identified as brown or colorless grass that prevents nutrients from reaching the roots.

There are many causes to a thatch layer forming but there is really only one way to efficiently remove it and that is with a power rake or “Thatcher”. A Thatcher rakes and brings up the unwanted thatch where it can be gathered and removed. Thatching can be done at 1-4 inches deep. David’s Caretaking recommends a light thatching every year prior to fertilizing to inspire quick growth in the early spring.