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Gutter Cleaning

Having gutters can be a wonderful asset when it rains but no gutter system is impervious to clogging. David’s Caretaking recommends checking your gutters before each rain season to ensure proper drainage will occur. Generally if you have trees on your landscape the gutters will need to be cleaned at least once a year. In many cases some gutters are more prone to clogging due to a nearby tree or a change in slope over time. Frequent gutter cleaning can drastically reduce your homes vulnerability to fire as well.

If a new roof has been installed the gutters will likely have debris such as composite materials and nails changing the slope of the gutter and leading to issues down the spout. Its best to have your gutters cleaned after a roof installation rather than before. Rests assure when you call David’s caretaking for gutter cleaning we take all the debris with us.